For years, the trend of American series / movies that have great beginning, interesting development and then slap you in the face with the ending, has been confirmed countless times. How do I explain the “ending” … imagine you’re buying your favorite ice cream, quickly tear the wrapper, bite the chocolate layer, then continue with the ice cream and finally you reached your favorite part, the chocolate in the middle or the chocolate at the end of the cone that completes the whole taste and … the seller comes out, takes it from your hand, throws it on the ground and stomps on it.

Because this laziness is a common thing among the screenwriters, we have learned to expect a bad ending, but when you see Ridley Scott’s signature you can’t help but thinking “This looks promising”.

I watched the whole first season in two days, not wanting to “spend it” all at once because I really enjoyed the first five episodes and today I am cursing the seller.

Let me introduce you briefly, a war broke out on Earth between religiously divided groups, Mithraists who are fanatic believers in a demon god called Sol, Atheists who are an anti-religious faction and Androids / Necromancers (there seems to be a LOTR fan among the screenwriters). The earth is destroyed, the human race is endangered and a Necromancer – Mother and an Android – Father are sent to raise human children on another planet (Kepler-22b) in order to prevent the extinction of the human race.

All this seems like a very interesting and promising idea but in this case the end is not the icing on the cake. I would say the end is more like Wile E. Coyote when he falls into an abyss, makes a coyote silhouette in the ground and when he turns up a rock falls on his head.

I recommend that you watch only the first five episodes and turn off the series. I do not want to reveal too much and ruin the surprise, but it looks like a Star Wars fan (there are some characters running like Javas and monsters with the face of General Grievous) and Ridley Scott sat down and made a sequel of “Prometheus” and “Alien”. Maybe someone will like this and sees it as a challenge, but for me personally, the ending gave me a physical pain in my stomach. I know it’s Ridley Scott, but enough with the Androids who spit out white “blood”, snakes coming out of people’s mouths (in this case an Android mouth), it’s okay, we’ve seen it a hundred times, let’s move on.

Not to be all critical, I would say that the thing I liked the most was the acting of the main actress Necromancer – Mother (Amanda Colin). The woman looked like a female version of David Bowie and was so immersed in the role that for a moment you wonder if she is a human being. She completely takes the attention of the series, to the extent that she made the other characters obsolete.

I do not know what they did to confirm the second season (I guess famous name brings the money but not the quality), but I will gladly skip it.

I will say it again, after the ingenious German series “Dark”, these American screenwriters can throw their pen in the bin.

Lastly, Ridley man, seriously lay off the snakes.

For Camera Obscura,

Elena Krstevska,

Film enthusiast

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