The Timeline

From short history, camera obscura and zoetrope to HD digital media, history of filmmaking, stages of production, story development and screenplay, to exploring camera, storyboards, directing and editing, and pitch, promotion and marketing, with the needed “soft & hard” skills required for the industry.



The Gift Cards

Did you know that we are giving 2 Gift Cards from PixPlus, valued 200 EUR? How?

It’s simple. When completing the Basic Lab, we mark the work of every student enrolled, by theirs engagement in the lab, the practical works and the pitches, by voting from the mentors, the hub’s partners and the participants.


The Package

  • Education materials

  • Counselling and Mentorship

  • Camera Obscura Diploma

  • Camera Obscura Kit

  • 5% discount for audiovisual equipment at PixPlus

  • 690 € / 3 months

Apply Now (Basic Lab)

“Elementary, my dear Watson.”
– The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Program

  • Let me introduce myself

  • Intro to Film

  • What it is your department?

  • Creativity and Storytelling

  • Intro to Scriptwriting

  • Pitch me your Idea

  • Intro to Shooting draft

  • All aspects of camera – “Know-how”

  • Introduction to Editing

  • The “How and What” of Directing

  • Intro to Promotion & Marketing

  • Practice, practice & practice


  • Flexible creativity

  • Written and visual storytelling

  • Key and Problem-Solving Leadership

  • Communication

  • Technological Know-how


  • Every student has to sign Contract on non-formal education.

  • Anyone who has completed High school can enroll the Basic Edu Lab. For age of 16, signed parent approval is required.

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