Production Services

Camera Obscura, in partnership with Zootrop Studio provides full production services for all types of productions:

  • Films and TV series
  • Commercials
  • Corporate content

  • New Media
  • Photo-shoots


Through working closely with us, we will develop your idea into an exactly planned production schedule, complete with clear, listed costs.

As a result, you can ensure your production needs, budgeting requirements are addressed, matched with the perfect crew for the job, right from the outset.

Planning and budgeting your production.

The process begins with analyzing the project and/or script. This allows us to establish the requirements for your complete production. By doing so, we can identify the most efficient solutions for your budget. Through our commitment to clear communication, and financial transparency, you’ll always know exactly where you stand.

Our crew members

Once we’ve evaluated your project, we’ll identify (matchmaking) the best crew members for the job, and schedule the required equipment from our network of reliable equipment-hire companies.