The Camera Obscura has been a source of fascination to people for hundreds of years.

There are theories that occurrences of Camera Obscura effects (through tiny holes in tents or in screens of animal hide) inspired Paleolithic cave paintings. It is also suggested that Camera Obscura projections could have played a role in Neolithic structures. And, Leonardo da Vinci used the Camera Obscura as a model of the eye.

Yes, the great tool, the great beginning that has changed the way we see and document the world around us.

Beginnings often come and may appear small and insignificant, but in reality beginnings are the most significant things in a person ‘s life. Why? Because a beginning, by definition, is a cause. And, we are led by a cause – two movie maniacs that left their jobs to work what they really love, filmmaking and educating, our professional joy.

From collaboration through friendship, we daydreamed the beginning of a space for “likeminded” people. That is how Camera Obscura Media and Entertainment Hub was born. A space for bringing people of different backgrounds, from all walks of life up that show who are willing to learn more, to experience the new, to share what they already know and most importunely to establish friendships through professional collaboration with great cup of coffee with fun.
Let’s project together a beginning of a new community and see each other on the other side.

Sincerely yours,
Nena and Bane

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