“The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation.” – Stella Adler

Truth in the theater or theater in the truth?

A magical dose of both.

The truth is a different perception of the masses. Who is the truth? What is the truth? Could it be what the majority calls the “truth”?

Truth is a matter of agreement, if the majority thinks something is true, it is true.

But here the question also arises – what is the majority, and whether the majority is competent in the society in which we create.

That is the “theater of truth.”

When discussing theater, people analyze it as a form of entertainment, excluding the possibility of deepening the essential.

Theater is the embodiment of the truth, the critique of society, an emotional bomb, magic, a question, an answer, a smile, a tear now and then.

Theater is a bitter truth that fills our throats and we cannot say it, so we present it as someone and in fact our own.

Hiding behind the curtains does not cover the nudity of a time of bad habits, on the contrary, it outlines it more and more, with thicker letters, with thicker roots on a new day.

With each elaboration of different topics, the theater gives us the opportunity to know ourselves, to change something in ourselves, in the society where we live, it is simply a step that brings us to the future if our eyes are sober and innocent to see it the truth that is served before us.

The theater is not just here to entertain us and fill the boring time, it is much more than that.

It is a change.

Change is “the truth in the theater.”

For Camera Obscura,

Rumena Shopova, 


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