Although I grew up with DC Comics (Batman, Superman, Flash), the Marvel heroes are my cup of tea, and it must be admitted that after they released Iron Man in 2008 till two years ago when they completed the story of the Avengers, they dominated, and DC movies looked like a little kid just starting to walk (don’t panic, I’m not talking about Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy).

The Avengers ended ingloriously with the horrible last part, and after Disney started interfering, it was clear to all of us what will follow.

When the new miniseries for Wanda and Vision came out, I honestly thought I would not watch it, but after a while I said let’s give it a chance, maybe I’m wrong. It is known that the series starts as a sitcom from the 50s, 60s (“I love Lucy”, “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, “Bewitched”) so each episode goes a decade ahead until they reach the last 10 years. I really liked the idea because it was confusing at the beginning, unusual but very interestingly conveyed. After the second episode you will understand what it is about and you will see all the pain of Wanda. If they continued like this, I would appreciate it much more, but as always, all things happen in the last episode and you wonder where does this come from, why it is needed, what is the point. There are some unnecessary characters that you have seen a billion times in the same role, with the same purpose and the same conversation and they do not contribute anything to the story, but only take time (or in this case fill time due to lack of creativity).

I did not like the ending at all because it completely escapes the main theme and what the first 7 episodes were about, and that is the relationship between Wanda and Vision, her pain and overcoming the loss of her brother and Vision (which we know from “Avengers: Age of Ultron ”and“ Avengers: Infinity War ”). It ends with something completely different that seems pushed just to have some kind of action. We really don’t find out anything new about Wanda, we already know a lot of her origin story, the action was nothing special and we have already seen those abilities in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. This is Disney, a fickle story and a hasty action made for children and teenagers.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from today’s movies and series, that is don’t get attached and don’t expect anything. Know that you will be disappointed so that you can be surprised.

For Camera Obscura,

Elena Krstevska

Film enthusiast

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