Theater is an art that is performed live, the audience can directly feel actors’ emotions on their own skin, as well as see their favorite characters from the plays at the same time in front of them as they love, hate, curse, die.

The only magic that develops through the revival of an Antigone, Hamlet, Richard III, Nora, Nina, Othello, Tartuffe … would last indefinitely.

When it comes to theater we are constantly talking about some new forms, maybe actors replaced by some objects or a play performed with illustrations, but no one predicted performing a play online or through screens, “A play during the Covid-19!” ”.

Anger, pain, fury enough to be explained when you are deprived of something you do with love, you just do not know whether to regret that the whole world is in a black hole and that you wake up every day with certain statistics and numbers or not you can accept the fear that the theater may disappear for a moment or forever.

How to accept the disappearance of that magic?

How to accept the disappearance of the spotlight and the feeling when you stand on those boards full of dust that gets into your body and you forget who you are and you simply turn into someone else?

How to forget all those eyes that are fixed on you and look forward to your next reply with uncertainty?

How to forget the emotions that tremble in your heart and can’t wait to emerge on that crazy magical scene?

How to forget the characters who lived with you every moment of your life?

“The theater is here and now.”

It has only the blue gentle mask that covers it, suffocates it, suffocates its feelings, words, emotions, movements and even a simple hug covered with a swarm of inner action.

It has only the click of a button “buy a ticket for a live show through the small screens”.


How sad, how foolish …

For Camera Obscura,

Rumena Shopova,


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