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Camera Obscura Hub is welcoming creatives and talents who seek to passionately empower others in shifting attitudes and lives through experiences and professional growth.

“Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary”
– Dead Poets Society


We have officially wrapped this season of Hub Chats. Many thanks to all who participated and supported this project!

In Terminator style, see you next season with new content, and until then, watch the Hub Chats episodes at the following link!

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Head of Industry & Education at MakeDox & Producer.

Although Sara has a degree in Communicology, she focuses her love of film art on her postgraduate studies in Production, further linking her professional engagement with documentaries.

Special emphasis on this conversation with Sara, we referred to her work at the documentary festival Makedox.

For more of what Sara has to share, check our chat!

In the latest episode of Hub Chats, we are chatting with Kalina Ignovska, a graduate graphic designer.

Kalina has been working in the scenography sector since 2005 as an art director, set decorator, set dresser, props assistant of films, series, commercials and music videos.

From her portfolio we single out the projects: “Time of the comet”, “Prespav”, “Stela”, “Mimi”.

You can find out more about Kalina and her experiences on the following links!

Jakov is one of the founders and producers of Drim Short Film Festival. Signs as writer and cowriter on the projects: “The way of Clave”, “Bridge”.
“Only Devil Hates Water”, “A ton of ice-cream” are currently in post-production. Works as scriptwriter for the Struga Poetry Evenings 2019 and 2020.
Currently he is working on a feature screenplay with together with Pierre Hodgson and Florian Hoffmeister.
For more of Jakov’s experiences and challenges in the industry, check our chat!
Graduated Film and TV editor.
The graduate short musical “Black and White”, has been successfully shown at international festivals.
Her short film “A ton of ice-cream” supported by Agency of Film of North Macedonia, is currently is in post-production.
Check our chat and hear what Sandra has to say about her experiences and how positive attitude helps achieving the goals!
Experienced 2d and 3d artist.
Besides Dark-1, he has worked on game projects (Odium to the Core and Skopje) for Tesseract Interactive and Knapnok Games.
He’s also experienced with cartoon and 2d animations.
For more of his experiences and challenges in the game design and animation industry, check our chat!


Supported by Ministry of Culture 

Originally from Puerto Rico, Leonardo March is a Brooklyn-based visual journalist currently covering the Haitian American community of New York City.

Leonardo has been a resident of NYC for the last 4 years where he completed a master’s degree in journalism. As a Visual Journalist with The Haitian Times, Leonardo works with photography, video and graphs covering protests, breaking news and art in NYC.

With Leonardo we discussed the process of photography and the meaning of the visual journalist with special attention of the experiences in covering art and culture in Macedonia and Serbia.

Tony Naumovski is a Macedonian New York based actor.
He was born in Sydney, Australia.
In 2000, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from one of the most prestigious four year academies of acting in Europe, The National Academy for Theater and Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. Later, Tony graduated from the Masters program in Theater Studies at the University Of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia under the renown English Oxford professor Jim Davis. His further development is through NYU Tisch School of Arts where he specialized in the Strasberg method of acting at The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

He is known for the roles in Blindspot, Madam Secretary, The Blacklist, Orange is the new black, Big dogs, In Treatment, Run all night and other projects.

Together with Tony we will discuss and answer questions related to the process of creating projects for stage, film and television in America. From pre-production, production to post-production, marketing and everything in between. We will pay special attention to the differences and the experience gained between the United States and Macedonia.